About Us

Lumetry Diagnostics

Let's create the most reliable way to monitor your lung at home.

lumetry is a leading company in the R&D of respiratory monitoring systems for patients with lung disease.

With lumetry we are combining hardware and software solutions to help patients track their lung vitality at home in a simple, easy, and fast way.

One day we want to be the number one lung monitoring platform.


About the founders

Physicist Christian Neubauer & business expert Antonia Riva-Frizberg were working in the leadership team of the startup breathe ilo when they first had the idea of ​​creating a simple and user-friendly solution for lung patients suffering from hypercapnic COPD.  With the support of investors as well as experts on lung diseases and blood gas analysis they founded Lumetry Diagnostics in 2022. Since then the team developing lumetry has grown and they hope to to go to market with their first solution in 2024.

Career Opportunities

You fancy a career in medtech?

Our team is the heart of our organization. Together we have experience in data science, software development, sensorics, marketing and business development. Yet, we are always looking for new talents to support our vision.