Lumetry Diagnostics

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people gain better control over their lung disease from the comfort of their own home, thereby improving their quality of life. While we focus on COPD, one day we want to help people around the world with asthma, pneumonia, long covid and many more, becoming the number one lung monitoring platform.

Our Solution

Our lungs allow us to breathe. They transport  oxygen (pO2) into our bodies and carry carbon dioxide out (pCO2). This exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is called respiration.

When people suffer from lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) they are prone to pCO2 retention. Often this can lead to a deadly pCO2 toxicity (Hypercapnia). Sadly, the pCO2 levels of patients with lung diseases can only be tested via an invasive blood gas analysis at the doctors.

lumetry is the first, simple and easy to use, yet precise and qualitative breath gas analysis solution to monitor your lung vitality and CO2 retention in your blood on a daily basis at home via natural breathing.

Finally allowing  hypercanic patients to react to pCO2 changes on time and avoid CO2 poisoning.

What we do


We combine an easy to use high end capnometer with AI algorithms and a user friendly app to provide immediate results  on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


We provide a less invasive blood gas analysis, objective monitoring for patients & doctors, more self-control and a reduced fear of hospitalization. 


We collaborate with clinics across central Europe, support groups, doctors and medtech experts to test and improve our solution to improve the quality of life of millions of patients.